Card Solutions for Small Businesses

A smooth merchant onboarding experience can pave the way for a long and successful ISO-client relationship. All the better when your reps can help new clients onboard quickly, and then get back out into the field doing what they do best.

With First American, the merchant onboarding process is straightforward and fast. It positions you to support clients ranging from sole proprietors to entire industry verticals.

The process is powered by our FirstOnBoard and 1stPayBlaze merchant onboarding solutions. Both of these technologies were developed based on in-the-trenches feedback from those directly calling on merchants.

These merchant onboarding solutions enable:

  • Simpler, faster application processes;
  • Expedited underwriting reviews and approvals;
  • Hassle-free onboarding.

Through our FirstOnBoard merchant onboarding technology, your sales team can complete and submit new merchant applications via this secure online portal.

Accessible from a laptop, tablet, desktop, or mobile device, FirstOnBoard eliminates paperwork and speeds up the entire process; as a result, merchants are eligible for same day approvals.

But let’s stop for a second and think about that application and onboarding documentation. Even if it’s an online form, the process of completing a merchant’s application can still be tedious and time consuming.

What if ISOs could tailor and customize their merchant onboarding forms to reflect only the questions that apply to that particular client? Imagine the amount of time this would save both sales team members and merchants.

With our 1stPayBlaze merchant onboarding solution, ISO team members can do just that. These customizable forms, available through 1stPayBlaze, are ideal when onboarding leads originating from ISVs, referral partners, or associations.

By eliminating duplicate or unnecessary questions, merchants can complete the onboarding paperwork in fewer than 25 questions. This can reduce the number of forms that must be filled out which helps new merchants be payments ready as quickly as possible.

Are your ISOs sales professionals working as efficiently as possible during the onboarding process? If not, contact our ISO Support Team to learn more about FirstOnBoard and 1stPayBlaze merchant onboarding solutions.

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