No matter what products or services you provide, secure and affordable credit card processing solutions can help you prosper.

Merchant Card Advisors is one of the nation’s leading specialists in merchant accounts and comprehensive merchant services that allow you to process electronic payments from your customers.

Whether you have an enterprise business or a startup, customers expect you to accept credit cards and other forms of electronic payment. This perception applies whether you’re a brick-and-mortar storefront, an e-commerce website or a mobile business. Taking credit cards is as important in the B2B sector as it is for B2C businesses.

Do You Need Credit Card Processing & Merchant Services?

credit card processing

Today’s consumers use cash infrequently. Instead, they rely on debit cards, credit cards and other types of electronic transfers and payments. Electronic forms of payment offer unparalleled convenience and security. Consumers love the various points rewards and cash back options offered by credit card companies. So much so, in fact, that many people use their cards for every possible expense and purchase.

When you accept credit and debit cards and other electronic payment options, you open the door to capturing the largest possible share of your market. You build brand loyalty among your customers and provide prospects with yet another reason to become your client.

How to Get Set Up for Credit Card Processing

To offer your customers the option to pay by credit card, you must first secure a merchant account, typically with the help of a merchant services provider.

From there, you can select the payment processing equipment, software and peripheral services that make the most sense for your business. If you have a retail store, you may prefer traditional countertop point-of-sale terminals. If you offer mobile services, wireless mobile transaction processing lets you collect payment virtually anywhere you may be. If you have an online or e-commerce business, or if you accept telephone or mail orders, virtual terminals and a payment gateway are your best bet.

Your merchant services provider can help you select the perfect systems and setup for you, so you get the payment processing functions you need to grow your business.

Choosing the Best Credit Card Processing Service Provider

Finding the right merchant services provider can make all the difference in your experience and provide you with the tools you need today.

A good merchant services provider is like a partner in helping you accept credit cards and other forms of electronic payment.

They can help you acquire a merchant account, even if your business is small or operates in the business sector the banking industry considers high-risk – or even if your personal credit history is not perfect.  A good merchant services provider analyzes your unique situation and recommends the setup that works best for you, helping you acquire the accounts, equipment, and know-how you need to make your electronic payment processing simple, secure and affordable.

Merchant Card Advisors has the knowledge and experience you need for success. Contact us today to learn more about how our merchant account and credit card processing services can benefit you.