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Improve Revenue Growth with Mobile Payment Solutions

Mobile payment solutions, it seems, are simply everywhere. As an ISO, you know that merchants are moving in this direction as well, with mobile card readers being seen not as an option but a necessity.

Even so, these same merchants have concerns about cost, security and fraud, particularly since the mobile payment system lives outside the central point of sale environment they already know.

This market niche led us to develop 1stPayMobile Payment Platform. It’s a favorite product amongst our ISO partners, and for good reason. The market need is clear, and the sales cycle is swift, thanks to a mobile payment platform custom built for this audience, with an affordable price point and unmatched security.

A cost-effective payment method.

Mobile card readers are cheap and easy to install. They also facilitate faster payment on the go. Ask any business owner with reps in the field, and they will tell you what a hassle it can be to collect payment manually. Office managers, back-office staff and business owners log each transaction by hand, taking away time and resources from core business operations. With a mobile card reader, payment collection is as easy as plugging the reader into a phone jack and swiping the card.

When deployed in a retail setting, mobile card readers are the ultimate line buster. Instead of frustrated customers abandoning their purchases in a long line, merchants can deploy multiple card readers to decrease wait times and complete more sales.

Measuring the opportunity cost of not utilizing a mobile payment platform easily outweighs adopting this payment method. It’s also an effective way to capture and close a business owner’s attention, demonstrating a proven and effective way to reap overhead savings.

Accurate data, securely protected.

Inaccurately recorded payments can add up to big collection costs. All it takes is a missed keystroke or a misunderstood number to lead to a declined transaction. Moreover, chargebacks are far more likely, costing both staff time and business revenue while the case is investigated. From a security standpoint, the business owner bears responsibility for the protection of customer payment data. This can be a precarious situation if a business owner’s model involves field reps with binders of carbon copy credit card invoices.

With 1stPayMobile Payment System, these security risks are removed. Employee mistakes are curtailed as card information is transmitted digitally, eliminating many chances for human error. Cardholder data is automatically protected through tokenization and encryption. Most importantly, your merchants are shielded from risk because they never need to store or track cardholder information.

Contact our Strategic Partner team today to see how 1stPayMobile Payment Solution can help your ISO expand its portfolio.

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