Payment transactions have long been a source of headaches for small-business owners in the B2B marketplace. Using complex invoicing systems and traditional transaction methods like ACH and business checking, wholesalers and distributors frequently deal with delayed reimbursements and tight margins while trying to protect razor-thin profits.

Today, owners of small businesses frequently use corporate business cards for their purchasing. Further, more than half of all business-to-business transactions are performed by credit card. To be a successful B2B company, it is essential you offer your customers a variety of payment options.

At Merchant Card Advisors, we offer complete merchant payment services, along with a robust suite of tools to help you address the challenges of B2B transactions. Our goal is to ensure you process payments as efficiently and profitably as possible.

B2B Payment Transaction Challenges

The complexity of B2B payment transactions and the high sales value of each transaction can cause payment processing services for this sector to be expensive — or in some cases, simply not available.

Many mainstream banks and financial companies don’t give B2B businesses the desirable rating of “low risk.” As a result, these companies may not offer merchant services, or offer them only at top dollar. To compound this problem, many types of B2B business are prone to fraudulent transactions, making B2B merchant accounts even more expensive.

At Merchant Card Advisors, we can help you traverse these pitfalls with a customized merchant account solution for your B2B, wholesale or distribution company.

B2B Merchant Service Solutions

Although payment processing options for B2B businesses can be expensive, with the right service provider as your parent, there are ways of cutting the costs of these transactions and protecting your profit margin.

The right merchant service provider can also provide you with payment gateways for online payments, tools for taking mobile payments “on the road,” systems that accept payments in multiple currencies and security systems for protection from hackers, identity theft and fraud. You also need comprehensive tools for payment scheduling, recurring payments, invoicing, business reports, customer analysis and buying patterns, and more.

Merchant Card Advisors can create a tailored package to help your small business address all these issues. Our merchant services experts are here to help you. Contact us today to learn all we can do to provide you with efficient and powerful credit card and e-commerce systems to take your B2B company to the next level.