Whether you are a new company or a small business in need of merchant services, Merchant Card Advisors has everything you need to get set up with a merchant account and comprehensive payment processing solutions.

Our application process is simple and convenient, allowing you to get set up quickly. Our rates are exceptional, helping you retain as much money as possible for your bottom line. Even if you process transactions online or in a mobile setting, we have the ideal solutions, allowing your customers to choose the best payment method for them.


Merchant Accounts & Payment Processing Solutions

Today, every business needs flexible payment processing options. Your customers don’t carry cash. Instead, they want to use debit or credit cards, mobile wallet or touchless options and ACH transactions — whether they’re buying in-person or online.

We assist all types of low-risk and medium-risk businesses. Our simple, secure solutions and competitive rates make us one of the best merchant services providers today.

Retail Merchant Services


Retail payment processing and merchant services allow you to grow your business by offering customers secure and flexible payment options. We provide POS equipment, software and training to help you succeed. You can even merge your online retail transactions for a seamless business solution.



If you’re working in the B2B space, you need to provide your customers with best-in-class payment options. You also need rear-facing solutions that are secure and streamlined to minimize AR turnaround time. Our comprehensive business solutions save you money on fees and help you meet your growth and profitability goals.

Contact Merchant Card Advisors today to learn more or to get started with your merchant services account and payment processing solutions.

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