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With certain bland credit card processing services, the only real purpose is supplying a service bill and processing basic payments. There’s no real effort to improve your business or streamline the way you take payments and make this area more convenient to customers.

At Merchant Card Advisors, we’re anything but this kind of bland, unhelpful service. Rather, our merchant payment processing services include numerous areas that go well above and beyond simply taking payments and charging fees. Let’s look at a couple major areas where we go the extra mile for you, areas that can bolster important parts of your business and improve day-to-day operations simultaneously.

Integration and Streamlining

With our services, you receive the option to integrate multiple payment options into our vast, robust payment platform. This platform works with mobile wallet payments, automated clearing house (ACH), PIN debit, regular credit card and numerous other payment services, both online and in-person. We also offer cutting edge mobile payment devices that are fully EMV-compliant, plus which come with extremely low interchange rates.

If you work with a processor who doesn’t have these tools, on the other hand, you could run into several possible issues. One is repetitive data entry, a major time-waster for your business. Instead, we offer numerous payment gateways that integrate with your current accounting packages, namely QuickBooks. Say goodbye to double data entry between accounting software and payment gateways, and say hello to several streamlined payment processes that make your daily operations far simpler.

Customer Billing Options

In addition to streamlining several in-house payment elements, services like ours also go the extra mile when it comes to increasing ease and convenience for customers purchasing on your site. Our payment terminals are some of the easiest on the market to use, with virtual terminals and e-commerce platforms available to those who they’re right for. Any major payment method can be used, from standard formats like credit and debit cards to mobile wallets and even contactless NFC.

On top of all this, we protect you from data breaches using our secure payment portal. This portal allows for the storage of a customer’s card or payment method in a way that does not make you responsible for any of their sensitive data, protecting both sides simultaneously with strong encryption and other security methods. We even have systems that will add secure shopping cart solutions to any e-commerce site, making this entire area far more convenient for your customers. These solutions provide massive value to companies that engage in numerous sales on their website every day.

For more on how a quality credit card processing company like ours goes above and beyond simply processing payments and sending you a bill, or to learn about any of our business credit card payment processing services, speak to the staff at Merchant Card Advisors today.

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