The U.S. vape and e-cigarette industry has grown dramatically in a relatively short time.  Vaping has long been considered a welcome alternative to smoking cigarettes. As a result, vapes, juices and e-cigs have grown enormously in popularity, becoming a competitive, multi-billion-dollar industry.

Unfortunately, vape merchants and other forms of e-cigarette businesses now face the possibility of industry-threatening regulations.

As e-cigarette and vaping products have become a political issue, financial institutions have become wary of supporting these businesses. Many top merchant service providers consider vape products to be too high-risk. Without their services, you could find your business unable to take credit card payments or offer online transactions.

If you need credit card processing for your vape merchandise company, Merchant Card Advisers can help you. We can even help you accept credit card payments online.


Credit Card Processing for Vape Stores

Not only might you find it difficult to acquire merchant services for vape products, you may have had your account canceled without notice when a payment processor discovered that your company offers vaping products. Having your payment processing services revoked can create a watershed of problems for your small business.

Your customers want choices in how they pay you, including credit cards, debit cards, gift cards and e-commerce payment methods. The more payment options you offer, the more ways your business can profit. Capturing the largest market possible allows your company to achieve success, even in today’s uncertain vape industry.

Since many credit card processors won’t offer you their services, it is essential for you to find a vape-friendly merchant. We can help you acquire the best payment solutions, tailored to your business’s individual needs.


Payment Services for Online Vape Merchants

If your small business is an online vape store, or if you’re considering expanding your vape store with an online presence, getting a merchant account can be an even bigger challenge.

You might find that, in addition to vape merchandise being considered high risk, online transactions (or “card not present” sales) are also considered high risk by many merchant processing services.

Credit card purchases are important to small businesses and essential to online merchants. We can help you secure a method of accepting credit cards for vape stores, including processing for online sales.


Merchant Solutions for High-Risk Vape Businesses

It’s crucial to the success of your business to offer your customers a variety of payment options. Yet, you may have been turned down. Or you may have been accepted but then charged exorbitant fees or had your merchant services revoked.

At Merchant Card Advisors, we offer a comprehensive set of merchant services that allows you to provide payment options, including credit and debit card sales and online purchases.

At Merchant Card Services, we specialize in helping businesses considered too risky by other providers. We can help you find affordable solutions to your payment processing needs. Contact us today to learn about our comprehensive merchant services and credit card payment processing for vape and e-cigarette businesses.

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