Hard-to-place merchant services, including payment processing solutions, can be difficult to obtain and expensive, too. In fact, many businesses cannot get these services at all because they operate in an industry that is considered to be above average risk.

Many payment processing providers refuse to consider merchant accounts for businesses such as pawnshops, debt collection services, installment loan providers, etc. Businesses that sell online also struggle to find a way to obtain these critical services.

Merchant Card Advisors fills this important service gap by specializing in helping businesses in hard-to-place industries.

Do You Need a High-Risk Merchant Account?

Some of the factors that can affect your ability to set up payment gateways and other merchant account services include:

Regulated Industries

Any business that falls under governmental regulation tends to make service providers leery. Regulated industries include firearms, cigarettes and tobacco, e-cigarettes and CBD oils.

Sensitive Information

Any business that handles sensitive information, such as consumer personal and financial data, can struggle to acquire critical payment processing and merchant solutions. This category of industry may also encounter a high rate of fraud.


If your business sells products or services online, you are automatically categorized as high-risk. The reasons for this include the electronic transmission of financial data and the high risk of chargebacks. Other businesses that fall into the high-risk category include those whose owners have poor credit histories and any business that deals with recurring charges.

We Have Served These and Other Hard-to-Place Merchants:

Whatever your hard-to-place merchant services account needs may be, let Merchant Card Advisors assist you with comprehensive payment processing solutions and related services.