Transforming the Way You Run Your Business

Today’s online shopping environment demands convenient and diverse payment options. From credit and debit cards to online money transfers and mobile wallets, there are now countless alternatives to paying cash.

These payment methods promise security, convenience and flexibility, which encourage customers to make more high-volume purchases. In turn, businesses make more sales and cater to customers from different locations.

There’s no doubt that accepting credit cards is a wise decision, whether you run an e-commerce, click-to-brick or brick-and-mortar business. It’s one of the keys to staying competitive and growing your customer base. But setting up an online marketplace is not easy, especially for small businesses. On top of that, maintaining a merchant account comes with high overhead and processing costs, which can be limiting.

Merchant Card Advisors has a robust credit card processing service online specially designed for e-commerce businesses, big and small. Using a single application, you can accept credit card and mobile payments from customers.

Omni-Channel Payment Processing

Our software acts as a gateway that lets you accept credit card payments across multiple channels and devices. These payments are then consolidated in one place, our PCI-compliant platform, where they are processed, authenticated and issued as quickly as possible. Our software is compatible with multiple devices, including in-person terminals, POS systems and mobile phones.

Robust API for E-Commerce Customization

If you receive credit card payments in high volumes on a daily basis, you need a payment platform that can keep up. Our software can streamline the processing of your card payments to keep cash flowing into your business. You can also customize it with unique features that can enhance your workflow and support other related processes, like sales reporting and accounting.

Reduced Processing and Compliance Costs

Merchant accounts are fraught with processing fees, PCI compliance costs and other incidental costs, like chargebacks and fraud rates. With our unique, subscription-based pricing model, we deliver value, payment processing ease, compliance and transparency at much lower rates. Our interchange-plus pricing structure also provides significant savings for large transactions, making it an ideal option for e-commerce businesses.

Merchant Services to Support Your Growth

Merchant Card Advisors eliminates the complexity, headaches and hidden costs associated with credit card processing. Built on code and designed with modern businesses in mind, we are your true partner for growth. Get in touch with us today.

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