Payment Processing Solutions for High-Risk Businesses

Running a high-risk business involves many obstacles. On top of having to comply with numerous regulations, you’ll also have limited access to financial products, such as capital loans and merchant accounts.

Giving your customers the option of paying with credit and debit cards can also get tricky. Banks, payment gateways and processors may refuse to work with companies dealing with adult content and products, firearms, e-cigarettes, vaporizers, gadget repair, used cellphones, nutraceuticals, tour companies, travel agencies, house rental and information marketing.

At Merchant Card Advisors, we treat all businesses equally. We give high-risk businesses the opportunity to grow their customer base and revenue. We offer comprehensive credit card processing solutions that deliver cost savings and a better customer experience in a compliant manner. Along with that, partnering with us offers many benefits.

Full-service Merchant Account

When your business grows to a certain size, you will need to upgrade your basic payment services to a comprehensive merchant account. Regardless of the degree of financial risk your business falls into, we’ll give you access to top-notch payment processing services, including online and in-person terminals, software, financial products and consulting, merchant cash advances and accounting/sales reporting tools.

Chargeback Prevention and Protection

It’s become common for high-risk businesses to deal with high chargeback and fraud rates. Rely on us to protect you from fraud and costly customer disputes. We’ll help you assess your customers’ behavior patterns and reduce the risk of chargebacks with a thorough dispute resolution protocol.

Fixed Pricing for High-Volume Transactions

If your business receives large-volume payments, you’ll receive lower processing rates. Unlike conventional payment gateways and processors, we don’t base our rates on financial risk. Instead, we provide the financial vehicles and advisory services to support your growth.

Lower Interchange and Assessment Fees

Accepting credit card payments comes with a number of processing fees and hidden charges. As a company built on code and technology, we keep everything transparent and structured. We make interchange, assessment and even PCI compliance easy and affordable.

Merchant Card Advisors is committed to high-risk businesses. Get credit card processing software customized to meet your needs and support your growth. Call us today.

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