Your Virtual, In-Person and Mobile Payments in One Place

When choosing a merchant services provider, you need a partner that will provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your business needs. You need payment processing solutions that are secure, reliable and scalable — but at a price that makes sense for your business’s future.

Merchant Card Advisors offers a comprehensive suite of merchant services for every industry and sector, including businesses in medium- and high-risk industries. Our merchant solutions are designed to provide one-stop-shopping, ensuring you never have to go in search of what you need.

We are known throughout the industry for our exceptional service and support. Call on us for retail, enterprise, mobile, e-commerce and high-risk merchant services and support.

Level 2 & 3 Credit Card Processing

Adding Level 2 and 3 data capabilities to your payment processing system can automatically save you up to 1.1% on your transactions. Our gateway solutions provide real-time recommendations to help reduce your processing costs. Level II and Level III data can be added to business, corporate, purchasing and GSA card transactions. Process card-present transactions, web-based or MO/TO payments through the virtual terminal. AVS match evaluations can be performed. Your transactions can be settled automatically on a daily basis. All these factors can contribute to a reduction in your processing costs.

Auto Data Fill

When adding Level 2 and Level 3 credit card processing capabilities, you will be required to add multiple data fields to every transaction you process. To facilitate this process, Merchant Card Advisors can configure your payment gateway to automatically fill this data in for each transaction you process. Qualifying data is created and stored by MCA on your initial setup, and then applied automatically to each settlement. This has the potential to save your businesses significantly on interchange fees.

Fraud Prevention

Credit card fraud has reached an all-time high. Fraud prevention solutions not only protect your business, but they also help keep credit card costs down across the board. Along with identify theft, credit card fraud can lead to significant financial losses. Our fraud prevention systems help reduce your financial liability and profitability threats. AVS, CSC match, phishing filters, and authentication text are just a few of the tools we have available to help you fight fraud.

ACH Payment Processing

ACH payment processing capabilities are in high demand today. Allowing customers to pay using ACH transactions gets you your money faster and saves you money on credit card processing and transaction fees. By having the ability to accept eCheck payments, you can capture additional market segments previously unavailable to you. ACH payment processing from Merchant Card Advisors is a practical solution for large-volume accounts or collections, but this powerful payment solution can benefit virtually any size or type of business.

Recurring Billing

Recurring billing is the ideal solution for businesses that process subscription-based payments. As consumers become more and more reliant on automated, recurring payments, offering this payment processing service provides multiple opportunities to grow and expand your product and service offerings. Our platform facilitates the automated update of expiring or lost cards kept on file for processing. Not only does this help to save time, but it also helps avoid attrition and cultivate customer loyalty.


Send pre-filled payment links to customers in real time, significantly reducing your payment collection turnaround. Integrating Merchant Card Advisors’ invoicing capabilities into your merchant services and payment processing solutions increases operational efficiency and allows you to track accounts receivable quickly and easily. Manage your transactions and get paid on time with our comprehensive automated invoicing capabilities.

Shopping Cart Plug-in

Our shopping cart plug-in options provide seamless methods of integrating a payment gateway for e-commerce businesses. We have multiple options that offer ease of integration and robust security. Our shopping cart plug-ins come complete with all the resources and features you need, making it as easy for your customers to purchase as it is for you to track and manage your online sales.