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Merchant Card Advisors provides customized financial technology solutions to small and mid-sized businesses allowing them to accept payments in a variety of forms.

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Founded in 2013 by Graham Smith, MCA has achieved widespread growth by utilizing its extensive partner network giving the company and its team the ability to design and implement cost effective, well-organized payment solutions unique to each business.

Merchant Card Advisors is a leading provider for the most up to date payment solutions. We offer pay at the table solutions, B2B processing solutions that save companies .35-1.05%, mobile payment solutions and much more.

Graham Smith, President of MCA

Graham Smith, President

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“Graham Smith and Merchant Card Advisors should be the example for all others in the industry to take note of and follow. There are many unknown pitfalls that you must avoid in choosing a merchant processor and literally one misstep can cost you thousands of dollars…if not worse. Unlike my past experiences over the last 12+ years in working with various processors to handle transactions for my business, Graham and Merchant Card Advisors quickly identified numerous cost-saving and “smart” benefits when matching me with the perfect merchant provider. The most impressive part in dealing with MCA is the absolute personal touch and 1 on 1 availability that I continue to receive as a client. Frankly, I can’t imagine having a better experience. Bluntly, I couldn’t in good conscious, ever recommend anyone else. They are THAT good. All too often, we only hear negative reviews about miscues and hiccups. In the case of Graham and Merchant Card Advisors, I’m happy to be able to share good stuff…A LOT of it!”

-Mike C.

“The single thing that differentiates this merchant services company from others is our representative. Without Graham, they would probably be like all the other companies out there. Graham works for his customers from rates to charge backs. If a question stumps him, he researches and gets back quickly. Looking for an advocate, this is the place!”

-Arlene S.

“Merchant Card Advisors made the setup process quick and easy. We switched the company over in 2013 and haven’t looked back. The pricing is most competitive and if we need anything, they are one phone call away. We highly recommend their service.”

-Jeremy R.

“Merchant Card Advisors has been a critical partner with Lunch Counter. They put together a program that is highly competitive and made it very easy!!!”

-Kelly Garges

“Graham was quick and responsive answered all my questions turned me around and no less than two days and I had a processor emergency service ready to go.”

-Daniel Barhorst

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Merchant Card Advisors is the last payment processing software provider you’ll need to grow your business.

No matter the size of your company, you need a reliable system to support your online, mobile and in-person payments.
Let MCA simplify the process for you.

We offer:

  • Fair and honest pricing

  • No rate bumps

  • Leading edge technology

  • Vast network of bank partnerships
  • 24/7 personalized customer service