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Utilizing the correct merchant services can help you eliminate barriers and offer seamless transactions to customers, whether online or in person. Become a merchant – minus the troubles, headaches and hidden costs – by partnering with Merchant Card Advisors. Get our payment source and boost your bottom line.


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Our vast partner network makes us the only source you will need to create seamless online, in person and mobile transactions. Using cutting-edge technology, we make credit card processing fast, simple, secure and compliant for all types of businesses, including SMBs, lenders and high-risk merchants. Our unique pricing structure also delivers significant savings on processing and compliance fees.


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Our credit card processing software consolidates multiple payment options in a simple, intuitive interface. Its scalable and customizable API allows you to choose the features that fit your business’s unique needs. Not only that, you can rely on us for sound financial advice, a robust accounting/sales reporting tool and 24/7 customer support.

Merchant Card Advisors ensures your payment services reflect your company’s mission. Our company is only successful, if you are successful.

We offer credit card processing technology and software that enables fast approvals, secure transactions and 24/7 customer support.  Our packages are designed for optimum savings for you so the most common type of payment does not cut into the profitability of your business.

With a large variety of gateway options, we work with you to determine the best fit based on your business needs.

Whether you are a mom and pop shop, rapidly growing company or well-established operation, we can provide unique merchant solutions tailored to your needs.

If you are exploring an online (e-commerce) marketplace to support multi-party payments or a system for recurring billing, we get it done, minus the hefty fees and complex authentication process.

Simplify Your Payment Process

Grow Faster with Merchant Card Advisors

No matter the size of your company, you need a reliable system to support your online, mobile and in-person payments. Merchant Card Advisors’ robust credit card processing solution fits the needs of small to medium-sized businesses.

Let us simplify the process for you. We offer a payment processing database with tools to generate reports and perform assessments all in one place.  We work to make our credit card processing services as user-friendly and cost efficient as possible.

Streamlined Checkout Experience

Customers demand a seamless shopping experience, whether they’re buying online or in a physical store. Get more of your customers to complete checkout with an intuitive, secure and flexible payment system. You only need to connect one API to integrate with over 220 payment services, including credit card networks, automatic clearing house (ACH) fund transfers, PIN debit, mobile wallets and contactless POS.

More Conversions, Lower Costs

We partner with multiple gateways and endpoints globally to make it easy for your business to connect with payment platforms. This way, you’ll pay lower processing fees and get faster authorizations without compromising your PCI compliance. Simply put, our merchant payment services make credit card processing simple, secure and efficient. With our hosted solutions, you can choose a package that matches your budget and have it deployed as quickly as possible.

A Robust API that Empowers Businesses

Credit card payments are an attractive alternative to cash. Our simple payment tool lets you accept one-time and recurring payments online and in person using a user-friendly interface. Not only that, you’ll have lower operational costs and better functions that improve your workflow. With the lower processing fees we provide, you can entice more customers to check out with more purchases. Through our online reporting tool, you can monitor and take full control of your payments, collections and disputes in real time using multiple devices. 

Customized Payment Solutions for Every Business

Merchant Card Advisors is the last payment processing software provider you’ll need to grow your business. You’ll have the freedom to personalize your application so you can handle transactions your way.

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  • The single thing that differentiates this merchant services company from others is our representative. Without Graham, they would probably be like all the other companies out there. Graham works for his customers from rates to charge backs. If a questions stumps him, he researches and gets back quickly. Looking for an advocate, this is the place!

    Arlene S.
  • Our Firm was hesitant to switch card payment processing providers but Graham took the time to run a cost comparison for us and show us just how much money we could be saving. He went above and beyond to answer all of our questions and ease our concerns. We made a great decision signing up with Merchant Card Advisors and we would highly recommend Graham and his team to anyone.

    Carol J.
  • Merchant Card Advisors made the setup process quick and easy. We switched the company over in 2013 and haven’t looked back. The pricing is most competitive and if we need anything, they are one phone call away. We highly recommend their service.

    Jeremy R.
  • Merchant Card Advisors did an excellent job explaining how processing works. We trusted their advice and in return saw an immediate decrease in our effective rate which ended up saving us thousands of dollar. A few easy tricks simplified our payment acceptance method and reporting at the same time. Merchant Card Advisors explained payments in terms we can understand. Thank you, finally a process I can trust and see actual results.

    Dylan W.

The Last High-Risk Merchant Account Provider You’ll Need

Payment Processing Solutions for High-Risk Businesses

Running a high-risk business involves many obstacles. On top of having to comply with numerous regulations, you’ll also have limited access to financial products, such as capital loans and merchant accounts.

Giving your customers the option of paying with credit and debit cards can also get tricky. Banks, payment gateways and processors may refuse to work with companies dealing with firearms, tour companies, travel agencies, house rental.

At Merchant Card Advisors, we treat all businesses equally. We give high-risk businesses the opportunity to grow their customer base and revenue. We offer comprehensive credit card processing solutions that deliver cost savings and a better customer experience in a compliant manner. Along with that, partnering with us offers many benefits.

Full-service Merchant Account

When your business grows to a certain size, you will need to upgrade your basic payment services to a comprehensive merchant account. Regardless of the degree of financial risk your business falls into, we’ll give you access to top-notch payment processing services, including online and in-person processing options, software, financial products and consulting, merchant cash advances and accounting/sales reporting tools.

Chargeback Prevention and Protection

It’s become common for high-risk businesses to deal with high chargeback and fraud rates. Rely on us to protect you from fraud and costly customer disputes. We’ll help you assess your customers’ behavior patterns and reduce the risk of chargebacks with a thorough dispute resolution protocol.

Fixed Pricing for High-Volume Transactions

If your business receives large payment volume, you may be eligible for lower processing rates. Unlike conventional payment gateways and processors, we don’t base our rates on financial risk. Instead, we provide the financial vehicles and advisory services to support your growth.

Lower Interchange and Assessment Fees

Accepting credit card payments can come with a number of processing fees and charges. As a company built on code and technology, we keep everything transparent and structured. We make interchange, assessment and even PCI compliance easy and affordable.

Merchant Card Advisors is committed to high-risk businesses. Get credit card processing software customized to meet your needs and support your growth. Call us today.

Comprehensive Payment Gateway

  • Provide many payment solutions to customers to help improve satisfaction and encourage on-time payments. You can integrate multiple payment options into our robust platform, including credit card, mobile wallet, automated clearing house (ACH), PIN debit and other online or in-person services.

Mobile payments

  • Want to take payments on the go?  We offer the most up to date mobile payment devices, allowing you to capture EMV compliant transactions at the lowest interchange rates in the field.  This is all through a secured user-friendly gateway, which makes reconciliation a breeze.

Easy-to-Use Payment Terminals

  • Give your customers a simple and convenient purchasing experience.  Don’t quite know what’s best?  Merchant Card Advisors will work with you to determine the right terminals, virtual terminals or e-commerce platforms through our customized business plan. We offer options allow for multiple payment methods, including credit and debit cards, checks, gift cards, mobile wallets and contactless NFC.

Chargeback Dispute Resolution

  • Rely on us to help you manage and protect your revenue from customer disputes and chargebacks. We have 24/7 customer support to get an issue resolved as quickly as possible.  Our integrated platform options let you track, document and collect evidence for resolving disputes in real time.

Online Credit card processing solutions

  • Today’s online shopping environment demands convenient and diverse payment options. From credit and debit cards to online money transfers and mobile wallets, there are now countless alternatives to paying cash.These payment methods promise security, convenience and flexibility, which encourage customers to make more high-volume purchases. In turn, businesses make more sales and cater to customers from different locations.

Solutions for high-risk lenders

  • Have you been declined for a merchant account because they considered your company high-risk?  In the majority of cases, we will be able to offer you a solution.  Our credit card processing system is designed to help reduce complexity, redundancy, errors and regulatory risk for lenders.

Omni-Channel Payment Processing

  • Our software acts as a gateway that lets you accept credit card payments across multiple channels and devices. These payments are then consolidated in one place, our PCI-compliant platform, where they are processed, authenticated and issued as quickly as possible. Our software is compatible with multiple devices, including in-person terminals, POS systems and mobile phones.

Robust API for E-Commerce Customization

  • If you receive credit card payments in high volumes on a daily basis, you need a payment platform that can keep up. Our software can streamline the processing of your card payments to keep cash flowing into your business. You can also customize it with unique features that can enhance your workflow and support other related processes, like sales reporting and accounting.

Reduced Processing and Compliance Costs

  • Merchant accounts are fraught with processing fees, PCI compliance costs and other incidental costs, like chargebacks and fraud rates. With our unique, subscription-based pricing model, we deliver value, payment processing ease, compliance and transparency at much lower rates. Our interchange-plus pricing structure also provides significant savings for large transactions, making it an ideal option for e-commerce businesses.

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